Digital signage is becoming a widely used information and advertising platform. It’s the new way to get your message across. IMPACT enables you to transform a TV or monitor into a powerful advertising medium or a simple notice board.

Whether your goal is to display eye-catching advertisements to entice potential customers, or to post important messages for employees, IMPACT is the solution.

We believe in providing our services for a fair price, which means you get a great deal.

The IMPACT device – sleek, powerful, effective


IMPACT is a small, lightweight media player which you attach to the back of a TV or monitor. You simply upload and manage your display-content via the Internet, using your secure log-in, to create…

Posters • Message boards • Menu displays • Info-points • Estate agency window displays • Retail point of sale displays • Interpretation boards • HSQE notices • and more

User-friendly, secure and time-saving

With our straightforward on-line control panel, it's easy to create and manage your displays. Our system is the most secure on the market, using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coupled with the highest server security. And it’s easy to configure your administrator hierarchy, with Microworks’ super-flexible multi-user admin system.

Control Panel

Here are just a few examples

A display may be orientated as landscape or portrait in High Definition (2K) or Ultra High Definition (4K). Be creative using your desktop computer, anything is possible with the multi-layered graphics control panel. Playlists can be published to any screen in minutes, no matter where the screen is. You can even see what slide each screen is showing in realtime.

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